Lady Libertys’ Shame

Life, liberty and justice for all

Except for those that 45 wants behind a wall

Bring me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses

I’ll keep them dirty and sick, confiscate all their assets

Locked in the dark, ripped from Sons and Daughters

Deny all their right to food and to water

Lady liberty does not stand for this

She sees you and she’s tired of all your bullshit

Freedom from the Crown was fought for in your history

So how can you persecute these people? It’s a mystery

Mr President you do not get to pick and choose

Those that you deem worthy to raise the Red, White and Blue

So choose to make your mark as the President unkind

While Liberty joins her sister Justice, and wishes she was blind.



This was written on July 4th – American Independence Day. I hung off posting it because I didn’t want to cause offense. However, I think whatever we write, whatever we post always has to be personal and relevant to us as writers. And that in itself makes it likely to cause upset to someone else who may not share our own views, regardless of the subject matter.  Also, I have had some quite upsetting news regarding a family member this morning, which has brought the message home that life is too short to spend time worrying about other peoples perceptions. 


We each need to live it in our own way, and if we see something that goes against all human decency and morality, we should most definitely stand and raise our voices against it!



Prior to the enforced quarantine rules made necessary by the global pandemic of Covid-19, I was not exactly known as a social butterfly. In fact, quite the opposite. More an antisocial moth, according to my Daughters. However, since this very necessary safety measure has come into affect, I find myself growing increasingly frustrated with the 4 walls of my own home.

Frustrated that I suddenly have to share that space with people who are not usually here during the day. Frustrated by the fact that I can’t just pop up to my local shopping centre for a single item, and have a browse at everything else while I happen to be there. Frustrated that previously underused public spaces like parks and woodlands are now populated by people seeking out places in which to take their government approved daily exercise, at the correct socially distanced pace.

In short, what I’m actually frustrated with is my sudden lack of freedom. The sudden curtailment of those things that I have always taken for granted.

It has come as no great surprise to me, therefore, that the #blacklivesmatter campaign has skyrocketed into public consciousness in the way that it has since the cruel, brutal & entirely unlawful murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25th.

Yes. The BLM movement has been an ongoing call to arms for many, many years. And quite rightly so.

Yes. People have stood in solidarity with its core essence in the past. And again, quite rightly so.

Yes. A lot of the peaceful protests and social media engagements we are now seeing are due – in part – to the fact that quarantine rules mean most if us now have more time in our hands to actively investigate the history behind this campaign, and the proper ways in which to legally turn the tide.

However, it’s my own personal belief that the sudden prohibition in our own circumstances has forced the realisation that people of colour live with this reality Every. Single. Day.

And in realizing that, we must also see that, while circumstances can & will change for us when quarantine measures are lifted, POC – for whom these issues are actually a matter of life and death – have no such assurances.

Imagine being afraid to venture into certain areas of the town where you live.

Imagine knowing that, no matter how hard you study, your longed for place at a university may be given to someone else, purely because of racial bias.

Imagine being told that the position you hold within a company is only yours because of a legal requirement to employ POC.

Imagine being stopped by the Police while driving your own car, not because you where speeding, or there us a problem with the vehicle, but because of the colour of your skin.

Now imagine that all of these social injustices, be they conscious or so deeply ingrained they are entirely subconscious, and many others like them, are being perpetrated against Caucasians.

If you can imagine that, and your reaction is ‘ that’s so unfair. I can’t help the colour of my skin. It doesn’t change who I am as a person!’, then your response to the #BLM campaign should NOT be ‘but ALL lives matter!’ It should be ‘ but NO ONE should ever have to campaign for the same rights and freedoms as those afforded to their neighbours!’

If you have the imagination to see that, then you certainly have the imagination to envisage a world where ANY kind of human rights campaign should NOT be necessary.

This is the 21st Century after all, and we should be past all of that.

But maybe this very necessary movement is designed to bring us all that level of understanding. That 20/20 clarity of vision.

For further information, please see


MLKs Nightmare

Blame is

Liable to

Actualize within



He said

She said

They said.

Leading to


Invocations of

Vitriolic violence and hatred. No

Ethical morality nor

Sympathy for our fellow

Man. We should be

Ashamed of such

Treacherous actions! Let’s us stand

Together in a glorious rainbow of

Empathy, and

Raise our voices and our hearts

Against those who seek to oppress

And turn a blind eye.


I’d be lying if I said he didn’t intrigue me. In all of the years I’ve been monitoring this phenomenon, I have come across few who are attuned to its presence. They never last long; whether they grow bored, begin to doubt their own senses or encounter my strange friend in the SUV I can not tell. I just know their appearances have been fleeting.

Thus far, he has lasted the longest, seems the keenest. He knows there is something there, knows instinctively where to look. That he can see nothing – yet – never seems to shake his belief in his own perception.

I should not have drawn attention to myself as I did, but it was entirely impulsive. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was compulsive. I needed him to know that he was being watched, just as I needed the watchers to know that I knew. I was satisfied that he was safe – for now at least. It was all I could hope for until I discovered more about him.

Who was he? This strange man in the mists.

Why was he able to sense the unseen?

More to the point, why was I so desperate to protect him?

My nightly patrol used to cover an area 10 miles North and South of here. Since his first visit I find myself unwilling to move further afield. I try to justify this by reassuring myself that nothing has ever happened within this expanded search area. Only here. Right in front of the fish and chip restaurant, and the brightly painted beach huts, have I ever detected anything.

Only here has a tall, slim man clad in black ever stepped through the mist with a purpose that matches my own.

Oh yes. I definitely needed to know more about him. And I definitely needed to know more about my own reaction to his presence…

Noli Me Tangere

The sexiest thing you can do for a woman is to seduce her mind.

Tell her all of those things you want to do with her, for her;

To her.

If you do this right, she will allow you to see her most sacred curve.

That of her smile as it works its way towards her eyes

Igniting a fire that sparks only for you….

Strange Encounters

I watched as he walked through the mist. A tall, slim man – jacket zipped up against the chilly night air. His hands were buried deep in the pockets. Eyes constantly searching left and right, he stepped from the grassed area and onto the concrete of the promenade.

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen him here. He’d visited this exact spot several times over a period of months. Only now his visits were becoming more frequent, but he always appeared at around this time. Always around 3.20am.

As always I experienced a sense of familiarity about him. I could not explain why. To the best of my recollection we had not met before. Still. There was something about him that I couldn’t quite put my finger on…

Last time he’d brought some kind of recording device with him. This time, I watched as he pulled his mobile phone from his pocket. I saw the light from the screen reflected in the lenses of his wire rimmed spectacles as he switched it on, and activated the camera facility. I was close enough to make out the dimple on his chin, yet he still had no idea I was there.

He held his phone out at arms length, and slowly scanned the area, methodically working left to right. He was facing directly out over the North Sea when a vague image comprised of grey blocks appeared. “What the…?” He tapped on the screen in disbelief, holding the phone up again in the same direction. Nothing happened. Muttering under his breath, he turned and faced the fish and chip restaurant on the promenade. Obviously checking his phone against signs of malfunction. There was more screen tapping, more muttering, and I thought I heard him say..”… be a glitch …”, before he turned back to the water. I knew he hadn’t taken a snapshot of the object – a combination of shock and disbelief had prevented that. Just as I knew that even if he had, there would be nothing but a black screen. I had tried to capture an image myself, on numerous occasions, to no avail.

Becoming aware of the low him of a car engine, I glanced back towards the car park. He was being watched. I had to warn him, even if that meant breaking my cover. Stepping into the light I spoke. “They know you are aware.” He jumped visibly, spinning around to face me. “They know you are aware,” I repeated. “You need to be careful. Now they know you’re looking for it, they’ll be watching you.” He looked puzzled. I tilted my head in the direction of the car park, and beyond to the dark suited figure hovering beside the bulk of a black Mazda SUV. His skin was preternaturally pale under the dim light of the street lamp. “Don’t let them get close; keep them at a distance.” My new companion followed my gaze, and his mouth dropped open a little as he realized he was being watched.

Taking advantage of his distraction, I chose to melt away back into the shadows. I was fighting against the compulsion to tell him more, but he shouldn’t let me get to close either. Neither of us yet knew if the other can be fully trusted.

Watching again, I heard him say “Who is he?” as he turned back to where I had been standing. Shaking his head, he searched in the shadows, trying to seek me out, before looking back towards the SUV. I knew he wouldn’t see it. But I knew it was still there. Waiting for him to leave so that they could track him. Pulling out his keys,my new friend almost ran back to his car in his haste to return to safety & normality.

The man in black made as if to follow him, only stopping when I deliberately stepped into his line of sight. He did not seem surprised that I could see him. We stood and stared at each other for a while, the sea breeze whipping my leather trench coat around my legs. My new friends car had vanished from sight long before the SUV pulled out and drove away.

I had a feeling this would not be the last encounter I would have with this curious stranger….




This piece was sparked by an ongoing work by a very good friend. I was worried that he would be upset that I jumped on to his band wagon. I’m glad to say he loved it! Thank you for the inspiration Jay@3am

Twisted Feelings

The force of my feelings,

Without rhyme or reason,

Is twisting around

Like the turn of the seasons.

My heart keeps believing

That this could be real;

My head keeps yelling

“It’s not what you feel!

Put up those walls, girl

Draw dark that safe line.

Control what this is

That you wish to define”

But it’s never that simple,

The search for the truth

We’re programmed to believe

Without ample proof.

How else to explain

Those couples mismatched,

Or those for whom love

Is so easily dispatched?

When they find one to entice

Someone different and new

Someone who lights them up

Like a bolt out of the blue

When a friend becomes more

Than a friend, yet not a lover

Maybe my head is right this time

And I should run for cover

But my heart, oh my tortured heart

She will not be appeased

She is certain that only within his arms

Will she finally take her ease.


Beltane fires are burning bright

Jump the flames with me tonight

Come a Maying in the forest

Stay with me until dawns’ chorus,

Maiden, Goddess, Queen Bride mine

Join with me in love divine

The Hieros Gamos here revealed

Toasted long with honeyed mead.

Plait myrtle flowers in your hair

For the union of Earth and Air

Be ‘fasted to me for a day and a year

For your Cernunnos, love will then become clear.

For the love of God, please just wash your hands!

With all this talk/gossip/down right scare mongering to do with the corona virus, my brain has gone off on a tangent again (I know. I’ve tried to stop it, but it’s having none of it! Sorry!).

The word itself – Corona – of course means many things.

It is – perhaps more famously now than ever – a brand of Mexican lager. No. You can’t catch the virus from drinking it, though apparently this was a thing in the US!.

It is also the word used to describe the circle of light seen behind something – like the sliver of Sun visible behind the Moon during an eclipse.

The word itself ultimately comes from the Latin –  Corona meant a crown or a garland, especially one bestowed for military service. Think the laurel leaf crown usually seen on representations of Caesar and you’ll get the idea.

Where I’m from – a small mining community in South East Northumberland, we’re prone to using Geordie colloquialisms. And if a Geordie says “I’m going to crown you!” it usually means “I’m going to hit you about the head!”

Actually – a Geordie would say “I’m ganna croon yee!”, but you get the idea!


I have decided that this Geordie turn of phrase can be the only logical explanation for the ridiculous behaviours being exhibited by people over this. Scare mongering. Panic buying. Down right rudeness. It seems to me that everyones sense of propriety has gone out of the window.

And according to Headway, the UK based Brain Injury Association, these behaviours can be symptomatic of a brain injury.

They list the most common symptoms as a result of head trauma as follows;

Dis-inhibition – or loss of control over behaviour

Impulsiveness – speaking or acting without thinking about the consequences of behaviour

Obsessiveness – becoming fixated on certain thoughts

Irritability/Aggression – impatient and intolerant with others

Apathy/Loss of Initiative – becoming passive to situations around us

Egocentricity – not considering the feelings/needs of others.


Now you tell me that we’re not seeing all of these symptoms in news reports up and down the country….

Dis-inhibition is being shown by people fighting each other for the last bottle of hand sanitizing gel on the shelf.

Impulsiveness being shown by all of us who have reposted whatever pops up on social media without first verifying the authenticity of its data.

Obsessiveness being shown by those who have gone as far as not ordering from their local Chinese takeaway since the virus was mentioned, because it apparently started in China.

Irritability/Aggression is shown by those determined to get those last precious toilet rolls from the store, no matter what.

Apathy/Loss of initiative is shown by all of us when we don’t bother to fact check simple statistics before mindlessly sharing, and scaring.

Egocentricity is being demonstrated time and again by all of the above. Spreading harmful mistruths which lead to the panic buying situation, leaves those who need the anti bacs and sanitizers on a day to day basis with no form of defense against even the common cold. People with already compromised immune systems, like those with an auto immune disease, or anyone undergoing cancer treatment. Newborns who have not yet had the chance to build up an immunity. In fact any child under the age of 8 does not have full immunity yet!

These people have being using all of those things that have now sold out in most stores for months, or in some cases years, just to be able to function day to day without becoming ill.

I doubt that anyone who has bought into the whole “corona virus is going to kill us all” headline thought of that when they dashed up to Boots on a marathon shopping spree! And don’t get me started on the reports of people going into hospitals and ripping the dispensers from the walls!

And did anyone stop to think what affect this is having on the livelihood of those who own and run Chinese takeaways and restaurants? I understand that no one has to buy their Friday night treat from a take away, but we have all being doing it. To have your customer base stop buying from you en mass must be devastating! Takings down week on week, all because of mass hysteria over a situation which could so easily be managed.

I get that people are worried.

It really is okay to be worried when a new strain of any disease is first discovered. We all know that the human body takes time to develop defenses against these things. We all know that it takes scientists time to develop vaccines against the same, or to devise the best treatment plan in order to contain the situation.

It is not okay to jump on the band wagon and forget about others and how our own actions may be affecting them.

What is okay is to listen to the news reports, and check out anything that doesn’t seem right to you, or that you don’t understand. The NHS has set up information pages on their website that are informative  and easy to understand. As does the World Health Organisation. Don’t get all upset and offended because your holiday has had to be postponed until this is all settled. A tan definitely looks better on someone who is NOT lying in a hospital bed!

Very few of us are actually at high risk from this. We need to be considering those of us who may be, and putting them first.

So please remember that a cough and a sniffle will probably NOT be the corona virus, and will probably just be a cough and a sniffle. But also please remember to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, preferably with a tissue that can be disposed of hygienically, and then WASH YOUR HANDS!